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Fri, 22 Jun 2018

Apple has just announced a new iOS 12 feature for the US this fall: automatic location sharing with first responders when you dial 911 from your iPhone. The purpose of this added function is self-evident, as it aims to reduce emergency response times by streamlining the process of information gathering. Apple notes that approximately 80 percent of emergency calls in the United States are now made from a mobile device, however “outdated” infrastructure has made it difficult for 911 centers to quickly obtain a caller’s location.

This iOS 12 change builds on Apple’s Hybridized Emergency Location (HELO) system launched in 2015, and it will be integrated with existing software on “many” 911 centers’ systems with the help of emergency tech company RapidSOS. “This will accelerate the deployment of Next Generation 911 for everyone,” Apple’s announcement quotes Rob McMullen, President of the National Emergency Number Association, “saving lives and protecting property.”

Apple’s emphasis on privacy has also been underlined in the company’s announcement today, which notes that user data “cannot be used for any non-emergency purpose.”


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Tue, 19 Jun 2018

Jaguar’s battery-powered V20E boat just broke a maritime speed record.

Peter Dredge, the co-founder of Jaguar Vector, piloted the boat at speeds of 88.62 miles per hour across eight miles of the Coniston Water lake in Cumbria, England. His speeds broke the previous record of 76.8 mph set ten years ago.

The small and speedy boat was developed with racing experts over at Vector, as well as Williams Advanced Engineering, from which it borrowed the electric drivetrain’s components. The specifics of the battery, motor, and controller are unclear, but the team used similar hardware and technology that Jaguar uses in Formula E, the all-electric street racing series.

This might be Jaguar’s most exciting news about their speedboat game, but it’s hardly their first foray into electric transportation. The company’s been slowly distancing themselves from traditional combustion engines, even announcing that they’ll fully stop producing combustion engine-based cars by 2020.

The company is in the midst of launching its first all-electric car, the Jaguar I-Pace. And this fall, a full field of I-Paces will compete against each other in a racing series that will take place before Formula E events. Maybe an electric boat racing series is in Jaguar’s future, too.




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Tue, 19 Jun 2018

Apple has officially signed Oprah Winfrey to a multiyear deal for new original programs, according to a statement released today. The tech company didn’t specify the role Winfrey would play in these shows, but a representative said that “together, Winfrey and Apple will create original programs that embrace her incomparable ability to connect with audiences around the world. Winfrey’s projects will be released as part of a lineup of original content from Apple.”

The announcement comes in the midst of the video streaming war between Apple, Amazon and Netflix, as the companies ramp up their original programming and win the hearts — and views — of customers. Netflix previously announced a multiyear production deal with the Obama family, and reportedly paid close to $100 million to secure a deal with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes. Apple, meanwhile, made deals with A-listers like Reese Witherspoon and Steven Spielberg over the past year.

Apple’s decision to bring Winfrey on board will likely rope in a fleet of new customers, given the star’s army of loyal followers. But fans of the Oprah Winfrey Network don’t need to worry about the deal — according to Apple, it won’t affect Winfrey’s contract with OWN, which she recently extended through 2025.



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Mon, 18 Jun 2018

When Alia Kamareddine first settled down in Oxford, the nearest mosque at which she could worship was in Halifax – which is a 2-hour drive.

Kamareddine regretted only being able to go to mosque once a year, and as more Muslims moved into the Nova Scotia community, finding a place to worship became more and more of a relevant topic.

Thankfully, she and the other muslims in her community now have a religious space closer to home, even though it is a little unconventional.

The Trinity United Church now rents out one of their community halls so that Kamareddine, along with the other members of the Muslim Community Group, have a place to worship.

The rent, however, is really just a nominal fee to cover the utilities used by the group.

Since the “mosque within a church” first started sometime in the last few months, it has brought the two religious communities together and created a space for “growth and learning,” says CBC.

The church’s gesture is especially significant since the 10 Muslim families who attend the mosque have been meeting once a day for Ramadan, the holy month of fasting – and the church members, they say, have been “very open and accommodating.”



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